A Mystery Joy Attack is a surprise gift for no reason at all.

Wouldn’t it be great if you received a parcel you weren’t expecting and it contained something really fun? Yeah, we thought so too and so we set about actually making it happen. We send out our little MJAs in the post and hopefully whoever receives them will come back to this blog and tell us if it made them smile or just confused them for days.

In between MJAs we like to link to something cool, fun, weird or wonderful out there in the world wide web. There’ll be new MJA Links every weekday, so keep an eye on our Twitter.

Who are we? We’re not telling. We are not doing this to promote ourselves so we wish to remain anonymous (and mysterious). What we can tell you is that we are based in the UK, we dance like idiots and fizzy drinks are rotting our teeth.


  • We only send a MJA to people and companies whose addresses are publicly available on the internets.
  • Our choice of “Attackee” is fairly random, we’ll think “Hey, let’s send one to someone at Pixar?” or “Let’s get the address of someone who paints Garden Gnomes!”
  • We never send them to people we know.
  • No-one will receive an MJA twice.


Perhaps you’d like to send us a gushing letter too big for a comment on the blog, or perhaps you’d like to give us a wheelbarrow full of cash so we can send out even more MJAs? Whatever the reason, if you would like to get in touch with us, here’s our email address:



A Mystery Joy Attack is surprise gift for no reason at all. A simple idea really. We send them to people and maybe, just maybe, they come here and tell us what they thought.


Mystery Tweet Attacks

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MJA #2 - Ready to Roll!

MJA #2 - Boxed and ready to go

MJA #2 - Lego bricks, badge and instructions

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