MJA #10 – 21/12/11

Christmas time it is!

And time for another MJA. This time we shall be leaving it somewhere in public, as opposed to in the post. COuld be Manchester, could be Birmingham. Who knows?! Do let us know if the little critter and his words of wisdom found their way to you!

MJA #9 – 02/11/11

It had been a while, but we did a FLASH MJA. The first person to tweet back the word ‘yay’, received an instant MJA. No post. Just instant joy. The lucky man received an amazon voucher. And here’s what he bought:)

Cooooool Tuuuuuune!


Friday fun!


Cool Vid

MODERN No.2 -trailer- from MIRAI_MIZUE on Vimeo.


A Negative Narrative

Interviews with photos as answers. Genius!



A Mystery Joy Attack is surprise gift for no reason at all. A simple idea really. We send them to people and maybe, just maybe, they come here and tell us what they thought.


Mystery Tweet Attacks

Flickr Photos

MJA #2 - Ready to Roll!

MJA #2 - Boxed and ready to go

MJA #2 - Lego bricks, badge and instructions

More Photos

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