Mystery Joy Attack #8!

The first MJA of 2011 is a new idea! Well, new to MJA land: Pass the parcel😀

We have posted the items in one parcel, to one place. It is addressed ‘to someone who likes post-it notes’. As each layer is opened it reveals a gift, and another parcel with an instruction as to who to pass it to. We are really hoping it makes some peoples’ day! It will be arriving at its destination tomorrow. Yay!

Scroll down the posts to see the items.

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A Mystery Joy Attack is surprise gift for no reason at all. A simple idea really. We send them to people and maybe, just maybe, they come here and tell us what they thought.


Mystery Tweet Attacks

Flickr Photos

MJA #2 - Ready to Roll!

MJA #2 - Boxed and ready to go

MJA #2 - Lego bricks, badge and instructions

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